Outfit needed for weddings - recommendations?


Worker Bee
May 14, 2014
I figured you girls would be the ones to ask

I have 3 weddings coming up in the next 6 weeks and I have nothing to wear (#firstworldproblems) ... I have been looking online for the last 2 hrs and have come up empty. The only two items I found that I did like are out of stock in my size.

I have looked on Asos, Selfridges Online, Sandro, Maje, net-a-porter and Matches Fashion and.... nada. I rarely have the cash to spend on an outfit and so this is typical! :nopity:

Anyway, do you have any outlet suggestions, ones that do UK 4s.

I'll post the two outfits I DID like, just so you can get an idea of what I like - although I like dresses/skirts as much as I do jumpsuits... I don't really want to wear black because it's a summer wedding, and I don't want to wear white, for obvious reasons....


Reiss does wedding-guest type dresses in a UK4. I've found their 4s are a bit hit and miss in terms of sizing - I have one dress from them that fits like a dream and another that is a bit big. They are also having a sale at the moment.


I couldn't see any nice jumpsuits in a 4, but there are some really nice dresses there.
Asian Stores generally stock smaller sizes than a lot of western ones, here are a few worth looking at

1. http://www.frontrowshop.com/

2. http://www.choies.com/ - this one's a bit hit and miss, but if you don't mind scrolling through, there are some really nice pieces amongst the lot, and all super cheap

3. http://www.shopjessicabuurman.com/ - a bit cheeky, and I haven't purchased from here yet, but they often have 'designer inspired' pieces for low budgets

4. http://www.shopjessicabuurman.com/

Happy browsing :p

EDIT: On second review, shop #1 also has a TONNE of designer rip-offs :hmm:
Try Shopstyle - you can specify all your parameters and get hundreds of choices from all different shops.

A summer wedding is one of few occasions when you won't look a plonker in a gigantic hat, so I say grab that chance :grin:
I kind of really want you to wear this one:

Because it reminds me of this:

And it would thus be amazing :luv: Just my 2¢ !

EDIT: Just realized you said they are out of stock in your size :( But for what it's worth, I'd say to definitely go with this look/color/style when you find a store that carries your size
Thank you so much for all these links and recommendations. I am going to go through them today and see what I can find :)