Oscars buzz


Grand Dame
Jan 2, 2015
It's that time of the year!!! Award season!!
Personally I think Boyhood is going to win almost everything. I really enjoyed The Grand Budapest Hotel but I don't think it is going to win any award. The Theory of Everything might win a few minor awards.

Who do you think should win?
I'm a cinephile and always make sure I see everything nominated, and I always go to the rare theaters which play the short films nominated. A few thoughts:

- Emma Stone's Supporting Actress nom is unwarranted. She was fine in Birdman and I like her a lot but do not see this role as the appropriate Oscar nod. It just seems...gratuitous, as does Bradley Cooper's nomination for American Sniper
- Benedict Cumberbatch & Eddie Redmayne will split the British votes and become less likely to win. I predict Michael Keaton, as he was fantastic, and is also due for this kind of recognition.
- I have to agree with many critics calling the snub towards female artists, specifically Ava DuVernay (director of Selma). There are no female directors nominated, and historically only 4 or so have ever won awards.
- I loved Edward Norton in Birdman and loved how the role was a reflection of him in real life (a method actor/difficult to work with), but I believe J.K. Simmons will win Best Supporting Actor for Whiplash, and I think he absolutely should. I hope either that movie or Birdman will take best picture.
I saw unbroken yesterday and it was really an amazing movie. I'm not easily taken in by a movie but this one really got me. It was also nice to see the main character play this role. I used to love Skins and it's nice to see one of the most rememorable players come back in a different way :)