Only Lovers Left Alive


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Sep 6, 2013
Berlin, Germany

I just saw this little gem of a film yesterday... sexy, stylish and irresistibly rock 'n roll. It's definitely one of those films where style wins over substance (although they incorporate science and cultural themes into the dialog), but very much worth seeing for the constant display of gorgeously deconstructed environments, eccentric and elegant characters, and the smooth, cool atmosphere that it projects.




The soundtrack is pretty good, as well.

Has anyone seen it yet?
Oh, I loved everything about this movie. The cinematography is fabulous, the looks, the characters and last but not least the music. And the actors. Films like these are great pieces of art. I can't wait to buy the soundtrack.
I've seen it. It's amazing. The filmography is great.
Also i'm a huge tom hiddleston fan so I didn't mind his cold blooded and bare-chested hotness, either.
Ugh just watched it, I can't even deal with how unglamorous and mundane my life is in comparison.
Tilda :luv:
Is it still on at the cinema? I thought I'd missed it but would be thrilled if I haven't as really want to see it and it's one of those that would be best in the cinema.
I don't think it was ever widely distributed in theaters--at least not where I live--and it's probably gone from those that did have it. But I downloaded it :oops: I know, independent filmmakers are the ones I should be supporting most of all, but torrenting is the only way I can get access to indie stuff. Maybe check a large, incredibly well stocked library?
I watched this a while back (mainly because I love both Tilda and Tom), and I really enjoyed it. It's very dark, and maybe a bit too slow for some people, but it's definitely worth a watch. The visual aspects are amazing.
I just squealed out loud with delight and hung up on my phone call when I saw this thread so I could fangirl a bit. This is probably my favourite movie ever right now! I ADORE the soundtrack (especially funnel of love and the taste of blood).

I also love its not set up like a conventional movie where you have the really basic set up of the beginning, the good part, the big drama where everything goes wrong, etc. It just kinda goes through their lives in such a casual but interesting way. I adore Eve's outlook on things, and the whole movie made me desperate for immortality. Watching her read through all of those books.. you could learn infinite things, you'd have all the time in the world to read and and dance and enjoy yourself, oooh. *swoon* :luv:

I just love everything about it. I also thought it was enjoyable that not ever is the word "vampire" mentioned. Everything is very subtle, you know?

Its all so artistic and stylish and has some beautiful scenes. And I know the guy who made it purposefully left so many little mysterious things about them and didn't explain anything that wouldn't be talked about normally, but I literally want like 20 movies based on their story, I wish I knew every detail of it haha~

I could go on for dayd I'm so sorry.:')
I ADORE the soundtrack (especially funnel of love and the taste of blood).

Funnel of Love (the faster Wanda Jackson version) has been one of my favourite songs for years, and I love the slowed down version as well. I was really surprised when I saw the trailer, because they used that song. I didn't think many people knew of it. Turns out it's better known than I thought.
oooo! my friend sent me a dvd of this for xmas and i have yet to get round to watching it--excited to read such positive reviews from people whose tastes resonate with mine ^.^