On-point skinnybitchy blog

just a warning NSFW

Oh my god I'm so used to those nudies of Snejana periodically popping out somewhere that I didn't even notice the site was NSFW. Poor Snejana (if she uses the internet).

Anyway I love the blog! I like the author's no-bullshit attitude.
And the skinniest models list is awesome thinspo (not that I've learned something new, but it was cool seeing all the queens of skinny in one place).

Athena, thanks for the link. :kiss:
Let's send her a bunch of asks saying that the SG girls think she's fahbulous and we want her to become active, if she's a member. I skimmed the Tumblr and her bitchiness intrigues me.
Awesome blog. Unfortunately I find the way she has it laid out and the font size/colour irritating. Maybe I'm just being bitchy, but annoying fonts and layouts make me almost not want to read something on the internet.
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Omg, yeah I remember this girl. She posted a pic of me saying that I was a photoshoping pro-ana queen :S. None of which is true, so I asked her to remove the post. :( I have a feeling the owner of this blog is a member here because on tumblr I don't really have many followers. So how else would she know who I am? She also made posts on other girls on tumblr, pakao, felice fawn, karagi, shmegeh etc but took them all down. I really don't think she is a model either. But, I'm not sure.