Olivia Gordon



It's been a while since I've made a new thread here, and I thought I just had to share this model.

So looking for stuff to post on Tumblr :p I found out about Olivia Gordon. She's an American newcomer signed with Ford NY and Elite Milan and oh dear God is she beautiful. She's the exact defintion of a classic American beauty. :luv:

Even though she's been around for a few years (she was the 2010 US winner of the Ford Supermodel Contest) she's still a newcomer, and I hope she makes it big because she's as cute as a button.

According to Fordmodels.com her stats are...
Height 5'10"
Bust 32
Waist 24
Hips 35
Dress 2
Shoe 8.5
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green

I just adore her look. She's not a unique, unconventional beauty, but she's not completely boring either. She looks that she could fit commercial (Maybelline for example) modelling very well though, maybe even better than HF.


Ooh I like her! She looks like Vlada crossed with (dare I say it) Jennifer Lawrence when it comes to her face. If she tonned up she'd look really nice.
Thanks for sharing!