Nina Nesbitt



Scottish skinny! With some musical talent thrown in there too.





Her legs are fantastic.

Check out some of her other videos too!

Her instagram feed is pretty thinspirational too. Here's a link!
Doesn't look particularly skinny to me...

what makes this so much worse is that she is wearing the Kardashian collection...

I love her music :) Haven't really paid attention to what she looks like but I think she is pretty.

The picture Stick.figure posted does not look so good but I think it's partially because of the angle and lightning. Here's another photo of the same outfit:

She still doesn't look skinny? Even in the first pic all I see is THIGHS :wtf:
She still doesn't look skinny? Even in the first pic all I see is THIGHS :wtf:

Thank you, I thought I was being weird for a moment. I don't think she is skinny. Slim, yes, but definitely in desperate need of improvement.
I really like Nina Nesbitt and her music! When I first saw her music video 'Boy' I absolutely loved the way she looked and just thought 'thinspo thinspo thinspo' :D But yeah, she doesn't look very fit, and is on the soft side. She used to be a model but probably isn't super skinny because modeling wasn't her 'thing' (I read an interview, maybe in the Company magazine?). But she's really pretty.