Nigella Lawson



Stumbled upon this article:

What do you guys think?

Personally, I think Nigella has quite a lovely face, in a motherly kind of way. But I gag whenever I watch her shows, cuz she is ALWAYS stealing something off to eat before the food gets cooked, and going on and on about how real heavy cream, lots of butter etc. make the difference... it's kind of reverse thinspo but suuuuuuuuch a guilty pleasure.

I've read articles previously about her feeling the pressure from the public to not lose weight. She has gained quite considerably from her 1st season of the show until now: now she stands behind the kitchen top most of the time. I find it sad for her actually: I think if she loses weight, it would be kind of 'betraying' her audience, even though her weight clearly poses health risks for her. I hope she can lose a bit though, it's only good for her health.
I remember once watching her show on TLC and she was making a cheesecake and she said "You'll know it's done once you see there is still a hint of inner thigh wobble"
I stopped liking her after that :meh:

But I can't believe she's 52!
I love her and her show.
I don't cook what she presents there, cause everything is so fattening, but there is something about her attitude that I adore. I think it's her confidence around food and yes, the positive attitude towards eating. Almost every other cooking show is about cutting calories and fat and hers is just about enjoying food and life.
I realize that I sound like a total fatty now, but I don't care.

Plus, I couldn't believe when I found out that she is 50 (52 now). She looks so much younger.

The article is extremely sad. She shouldn't feel pressured to be certain weight. Nobody ever should. And just because she lost some, it doesn't mean that she deprives herself...
I love the stuff that she cooks! It always looks so yummy but high calorie :( and I think her body suits her job. I wouldnt want her to be skinny because it would take away her motherly, friendly appearance. I wouldnt like her body but I think it really suits her as she is supposed to be the curvy chef. However I would never eat like she does!