Next level weight loss calculator


Jan 19, 2012
Sorry if it has been already posted, but I find this worth sharing.
Don't about you, girls, but I find it really motivating, to know exactly when my weight loss will happen, so it can be seen. The thing that discourages me the most is feeling, that nothing is changeable, that i'm going to stay this way forever. :nopity:
So, to drive away these silly thoughts and to be able to plan and get ready to the result of diet and exercise there is this weight loss stimulator
I haven't seen better tools for weight loss calculating than this one, because you can add very precise data, exact plan and it also shows you (if you click tabuled data on right bottom) possible shifts of the calculations, depending on your metabolism.
What I don't like about that calculator is that it yells at you if you pick an underweight weight. So I just decreased my height by 10 cm to make it quit complaining!:p
but do you think it still calculates accurately? doesn't 10 cm change also your calorie intake? but most calculators do like that, there are even some, that prevents you from calculations if you are underweight or underage :D