Newcomer India Farrell



I first saw this girl on The Model Agency, which is a fly-on-the-wall type documentary about the modelling industry. The bookers seemed very keen on this girl and obviously had a lot of expectations of her, and I can definitely see why. She is gorgeous! I'm in love with her cheekbones and her eyes :luv: She's only 16, and her stats from are:

Height : 5'10"
Bust : 32
Waist : 23
Hips : 34

Some pictures:








She said on the show that she wasn't actually sure if she wanted to be a model, and she had a little bit of a freak-out when she went to New York. Fair enough, she's only 16. But I really would like to see more of her in the future! What do you girls think?
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Well good thing the fashion world found Melissa Tammerijin... They're probably not missing out much.
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I don't get what's so wrong with her wanting to finish school...

I agree, I don't think it's wrong that she wants to finish school. Actually, I really disagreed with some of the bookers on the show - they were like "oh, we've put so much hard work into this girl and now she's gone and betrayed us", blah blah blah. The thing was though, these bookers had been prepping her for modelling since she was 14. So they basically made a deal with a very young girl, knowing that there were risks that the deal might not go to plan or pay off, and now they won't take responsibility for that decision and are trying to shift the blame on the girl. Not justifiable, IMO.

Anyway, I think she's making the right decision to finish school. I just hope she doesn't entirely give up modelling, as it would seem like such a waste, if you know what I mean..?
I don't get what's so wrong with her wanting to finish school...

Agreed, if her education is important to her she should pursue it. She's a teenager, a kid. And if she doesn't come back to modeling, that's fine, because obviously she shouldn't be doing it if it doesn't make her happy.
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India Farrell.

July, 2.

Born in

Zodiac sign

Indi Pindi.

Fashion is
"Forever changing."

I became a model
"Because it's exciting and a way to express myself!"

My style is
"Anything edgy or fun. Skinny jeans, Doc Martins, leather jackets or colourful dresses and boots."

Fashion tip
"Learn not to care what others may or may not think about what your wearing, if you think it looks good, thats all that matters."

Favorite Fashion Designer
"Miuccia Prada, Jonathan Saunders."

All time style icon
"Debbie Harry and Kate Moss."

Favorite dress
"A D&G black and cream dress. I love it!"

I love
"Easter eggs and Christmas trees."

I dislike
"Goats cheese."

First thing I do when I wake up
"I tie my hair up to wash my face and put moisturiser on."

Last thing I do before I go to sleep
"Say goodnight to my boyfriend."

Under my bed I keep
"Lots of handbags, memory boxes and photograph folders (and my kittens like to hide there)."

On my room’s wall I have
"Shelves with lots of books and pictures and a shelf for my shoes."

"Swimming, bike rides, seeing friends, cinema, shopping, baking."

"Two all black kittens called Crimson and Clover A.k.a The Gremlins."

Tattoo or piercing
"Ears pierced."

"Red and black."

"A mix, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Johnny Cash."

"Into the wild."

Dream concert
"The Beatles."

"The woman in white."


"Cooking and cycling."

Seaside or Mountain
"Definitely seaside."

Country/City I want to visit
"The countryside, in the middle of nowhere."

I'm in love with
"My little nephew Asa."

I want to change
"The way people look at the world."

Projects for future
"Work wise, go to New York for the resort shows, and the next show season."

My biggest dream
"To have a beautiful house in the country one day."
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