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Jan 29, 2012
Sorry if this is out of line, I'm not an admin, but I feel like we need a wee crack down on the quality of models being shared in this board so that we don't end up with pages upon pages upon pages of average, irrelevant faces.

Feel free to move or delete if need be, but I'll try to keep this succinct.

Before posting a new thread, ask yourself these 3 simple questions.

1. is her body incredible?
2. is her face exceptional?
3. is she relevant right now? Can also be interpreted as 'does she have enough material or potential to carry her through multiple pages of new and interesting discussion?'

If any of these are answered with a no, don't make a thread. If you find many of your threads are being met without enthusiasm, or with disapproval for the featured model, maybe take a step back and reassess which models you're posting. Shine a spotlight on models who are appreciated by the greater consensus, and if you can't work out who that might be, maybe don't continue creating threads on this particular board until you've figured it out.

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I have done lot´s of threads, I was a little enthusiastic, I apologize if there are not exceptional but I have a thing for finding in each person something special..
I agree about the quality over quanity point.
Yet I don't think and hope that this section will be a second FashionSpot - 700 pages for models where at least 500 could be deleted without being missed.

Then again, it's the model industry which replaces one girl for the other, they simply produce too many bland girls. Edit: And what to think about an industry which hires all these awful celebrities/starlets for the runway, this business doesn't deliver models anymore where I get the vibe 'this girl will be a veteran one day'.

In music world there are called one hit wonders. There is a reason why threads of model legends like Snejana, Magda or Vlada are always on page 1.

I think I have started a thread years ago, 'models who don't have a thread yet', if someone isn't sure if a new girl is thread-worthy, let's discuss it there or leave it there.
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I feel like veeeeeerrrrrry occasionally one point (of the 3) can be overlooked if the other 2 are absolutely miles above and beyond. But only on EXTREMELY rare occasions.

For the most part, I agree.
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YES. I winced at another model / show competition announcement, only because there are already members endlessly churning out model threads as it is; some I have never seen post anywhere else! The last time a competition ran the Model sub-forum exploded with threads, resulting in an inevitable dilution in quality. I gave up visiting. Very happy this time around however to see the focus placed upon the most LIKES instead of the most threads! This, plus creation of a separate section for show threads = perfect solution.

Moving forwards, I agree that own threads should be reserved for models who are already established or who are rising fast and / or otherwise notable. Let new faces occupy a new faces thread until their names & faces become memorable in their own right. This shouldn't become another TFS. There is a poster there who does the same thing - ALL the new faces, many new threads on new randoms everyday, perhaps 1% of whom ever actually become 'somebody'. (Even there, why the driving need to document every. fricking. one of them anyway? It makes me think of those who comment on news or blog posts with "FIRST!!1!") There is no need to replicate that here.

Scrolling through one thread full of posts on interesting new faces would be great, and easy to stay up to date with. Scrolling through a forum full of new face threads is dizzying when their names and faces are not yet memorable and most threads have barely a handful of comments.
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I honestly wish only VIPs (or people who are in some other way fashion/modelling experts; idk who that would be, though) could make new threads in the Models section. There would be so much less spam due to their a) taste and expertise and b) time restrains, not having enough time on their hands to make a thread for every girl who took a polaroid or two in her lifetime.
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I have my doubt about her, not enough work
Irina Kravchenko




Irina Kravchenko by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello (La Sultane - Numéro #149 December 2013) 4.png