Naya Rivera


Jan 21, 2012
I love love love her! And i can't wait for her solo album.
She's amazing!!! I love her in Glee because she's badass! :grin: Not sure about her body though. Did she gain or lose? Because in JustJo's picture she looks slimmer.
I am not sure. I get most of my Naya in on glee. v.v truth be told, i love her because she is a fellow latina (well, part anyway).
Overall, she has an amazing body. :luv: I love Naya, she's incredibly pretty and obviously takes good care of herself. :)
Well, in some pictures she looks like she might have gained a few pounds, but she usually always looks perfect.
She is my inspiration on Glee! :grin: She gets the badass girl look down to her pout and body. God, she is just so, so, soooooo hot there!
I love her. I want her bod and especially her legs. I think she's my favorite on the show.
She has the most amazing body, I'm so jealous! She is definitely fantastic thinspiration for me
she is stunning! i love her in Glee as well


those legs go on for days!



She lost some WEIGHT. I love her legs..skinny and toned....almost scrawny. I think she's pregnant now but hopefully she gets back down to this niceness.
I find her very trashy for some reason.. her body is nice for an actress but she's no inspiration for me.
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Nice bod for an actress but she gives me major crazy vibes. Forgive me if I'm wrong since I don't watch glee (and never will in this lifetime) but isn't this the chick who was engaged to Big Sean, and after they broke up, she got married at breakneck speed to some dude within the month? and then subsequently became pregnant very soon after that?

Plus I still think IDFWY is about her and the lyrics are just... :lol:
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Oh definitely trashy. Like a poor man's Kim and that's not saying much. Still a lot of weight lost @Sasja

poor man's Kim really is scraping a rotten barrel. I was trying to think of something worse and 'trashy version of Jodie Marsh' is the only thing that sprang to mind