National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance

Aug 26, 2012
So I've seen the term "fat acceptance" thrown around on here and I figured it just referred to the general society-wide movement of accepting "diverse" bodies etc....but did you guys know there is an actual, well-established ASSOCIATION for this shit?

Ok, we get it. Body diversity, people come in different sizes, whatever. But to actively advance and promote fatness and fat acceptance? You have got to be kidding me. I found this site after reading a Jezebel article: Doctors Are Shitty to Fat Patients
I read Jezebel a lot because I'm a total liberal hippie and like their political pieces, but their whole fat-promotion thing has got to stop. Actually, the reason I found SG was because I read their article condemning the Kate Upton bashing here.
OBVIOUSLY doctors are shitty to fat patients. Because a vast majority of diseases and conditions are easily avoided by eating clean. And who cares if what you're there for isn't weight related, if a doctor's main purpose is to honestly and truly care about your well-being and health, like the author of that article says herself, then hell yes, they should tell you to lose some weight if you need to. And enough with the bullshit claim that "BMI isn't accurate, there are healthy people in the obesity range because of their muscle mass" yeah, that's like .01 percent of the population who are elite athletes, aka NOT YOU.
Fat acceptance and body acceptance are two entirely different things. Not everyone wants to be super skinny. Fine. But if you're blatantly overweight enough to warrant an unsolicited comment from your doctor, instead of taking offense, maybe you should take the advice.

Maybe this belongs in the Takedown section instead. Just felt the need to rant.
@Apple oooops my bad! Somehow didnt see those. Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks it's horrible though.
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