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Nataliya Piro



The prettiest ginger in the industry! I love her classic babydoll looks, those adorable freckles and, of course, that awesome red hair! At first I thought she was very generic and boring, but she's way too pretty to be disliked. Besides, I'm glad that there are more gingers in the industry. Before, I could barely name Karen Elson, Lily Cole and Cintia Dicker.
She's signed with Mega Model Agency and I reallyreallyreally wish she gets more popular because she totally deserves to be the next Lily Cole (she's tinner and she's cuter).

height 5'10"
bust 32
waist 24
hips 35
shoes 8.5
hair red
eyes blue


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I cried a bit when I saw this.
Nataliya by Esther Haase for Vanity Fair Italia.

Love the photography, the styling and, of course, the model.