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Okay, so I really do like this brand of clothing. The thing is that I'm only 15 and they sell the cutest clothes that are also somewhat slutly at the same time.

Also, they had the best models. They're just so beautiful!!

Pictures Below:









The thing that I like most about Nasty Gal is that their cloths are funa nd chic and you can just imagine yourself having a fun time in the clothing
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To be honest, some of their stuff is too revealing to be worn on the streets, let alone by a 15-year old.
But other thing are really edgy and even have that sort of model street-style vibe to them. (My heart just did a backflip when I read the pop-up "we ship internationally" on their homepage :grin:)
God the shit I wore at 15 was far more revealing than this stuff. Something about it makes me think Miley so I can't get into it, but I am old so it is probably a generational thing.
I like it! It's a more unique take on the typical Urban Outfitters indie-style clothing. I think some of it is too revealing and would be a little weird to wear on the street, but some of the pieces are really nice!
I kinda like it :) for me its not so slutty but rather kinda edgy/sexy and I think the clothes can be utilized in a way that suits one's personal comfort level.
I have some of their stuff and love it, but I think 15 is a bit young to wear alot of their stuff, but maybe im old fashioned lol
They have cute clothes, just be modest in your choices and you'll be fine :)
Hmm.. Some of the stuff is cute, but something's missing IMO... Nothing too special
I like their clothing though some of their clothes aren't so wearable. I'd love to go on a little shopping spree there. And yes, their models are fabulous! So pretty and petite!
Haha I am too old to wear it I guess, but for young girls its cute though its indeed a bit naked if worn exactly like in the pics. But I remember well what I was wearing when I was 15 and it was well...a bit too naked :lol:
Some of those tops are really cool, if you're one of the lucky women who are able to go braless.
if i lived in the states my wardrobe would be to the brim of nasty gal.
i've seen way sluttier clothes hahaha :p from the pic's you put up i actually don't think they look slutty at all just really cute and fun! and the models are gorgeous! I will have to check out their site :)
I also concur with the way sluttier clothes arguement. Have you seen some of the shit American Apparel puts out?

It's not to my taste, but they have a few cute shoes. Seems a little too Forever 21, not enough Opening Ceremony. But that could be because I'm definitely too old to shop there.
I find most of their stuff way too... hipster, but ocassionally they have some great finds in stock!
I find most of their stuff way too... hipster, but ocassionally they have some great finds in stock!

haha their style is TOTALLY grunge/hipster
but I dig that for sure
nasty gal is like porn for me
I online shop on there for houuurss and have a whole favorites page of stuff I want to get but never actually get around to getting. :lol: