My Mad Fat Diary


Rose Virgo

Hi I've started to watch this new series on Channel 4 called My Mad Fat Diary. It's about this teenage girl called Rae,living in the 90s who suffers from depression, binging and self-harm and how she deals with life and trying to find a boyfriend.
There is no thinspiration in it but there is reverse thinspiration as Rae is obese.
I really relate to it because, although I'm not overweight like Rae I do binge, and seeing Rae dealing with her struggles is really inspiring.
Since I thought there might be a few of us here that suffer from similar afflictions, I thought you guys might like it to.

I love this show! and i agree, you can very easily relate to the main character's body issues. We all have/had them at some point or another.
Even though Rae is obese, i really love her. She's so well played and so different to the usual lead characters.
Ugh, I love this programme so much. The way she speaks is kind of embarrassing, ahaha, but the soundtrack is bloody brilliant.
I just started watching this :) I thought it might be too real and depressing at first but I liked how she handled the pool thing. I'm kind of hooked~
I tried to watch it but I can't take it. It reminds me too much of myself and she also kind of looks like what I looked like when I was fat (facially).
I love it too!! It's so refreshing to have a main character with mental health issues. I can relate to a lot of what she talks about, especially being completely shocked that people like you and want to be your friend :nervous:
Yeah its started to get really interesting now because the 5th episode shows more of her friend Tix who is suffering from anorexia and other isues. It really plays on how its all about "control". Rae has no control, so she is really messed up and impulsive, but Tix has too much control and finds it impossible to do anything normal. Its so interesting to see the two ends of the spectrum.