My Friend Ana short film

Just watched it, amazing short film. I've never had anorexia, but this is very similar to how I felt when I was depressed.

Also, was pleasantly surprised that the gov. where I live sponsored it :)
I've never heard of this short film before, but I really enjoyed it! I've never been diagnosed with any eating disorder, but it helped to illustrate how the afflicted views his/her own disorder. It was also very uniquely portrayed!
I also stumbled across this short film on youtube recently and thought it to be very fascinating. This 'boot camp' like thing where she is trapt with so many others, but cannot reach out to them...brilliant.
Powerful and well made.

Retreating into your own lonely world, digging your own grave while a "friend" watches, smiling. Jumping back and fourth from the private little bathroom/bedroom sanctuary to a hustle bustle world with family and friends, acting like everything is "normal." Just wow. Truly captured a series of complex emotions.

What would this girl have if she didn't have Ana? They did a good job at making Ana the only one who can see this girls soul, as family looks right past it. Raising a child based on the rule book, not an individual person based on need.
This film is extremely effective. In the past I suffered from an eating disorder and once you are out of the mindset, it's very hard to recall exactly how it felt, so many generalizations are made and often people's views of anorexics are judgemental and skewed, it's refreshing to see a representation which really captured the truth of the illness. The idea of the constant pointless toil one faces whilst presenting a normal persona to friends and family was executed perfectly. Makes me so thankful that my struggle with the illness is over!
I think this video is fantastic--I used to try and explain how I felt to my boyfriend because my eating disorder was a huge problem causer in our relationship but I couldn't explain it right; this video literally captures exactly what I was trying to say to him perfectly and is an accurate description and portrayal on the struggle people suffering with eating disorders go through.
@EmilyEden You are so right in that when you have reached the other side (the real world?) everything becomes hazy, like a dream that you can't quite remember upon waking up.

This reminds me of a short film I worked on. I played a bulimic girl. The story was silly and I was a bit fat so watching it was torture. But I will never forget shooting the binge scene. It was a huge chocolate cake and I had to eat it like an animal:rolleyes: It was an interesting experience, doing the thing that most ashamed me, the ultimate secret, in front of others.
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That film.....
I think that that's the most accurate portrayal of an ED mindset that I have ever seen. Those kind of campaigns/projects are amazing because it educates people about what anorexia is actually like, rather than just making it seem like some sort of hobby for silly teenage girls.
Thank you for sharing that.
I can relate to this film and give the makers and writers applause on how well they showed how the disease works on one's brain. it cozies up like a friend and then bites and eats your thoughts a like till its the only thing left in there