My Big Fat Fetish doco

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Jan 26, 2012
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I just watched this documentary, and it's scary and sad in equal measure. The young girl Kit explains the fat fetish for her more clearly than I've heard or read it before, using the discomfort trans people feel in their own skins as an analogy. Whereas a trans girl may describe having felt wronged and in somebody else's body to have been born biologically a boy, Kit describes a similar feeling that a larger body is more right for her. It's not mentioned in the doco, but the scars on her left arm provide additional commentary to the narration. It is interesting to compare her reasons for getting into the 'profession' with those of the blonde British lass who is more interested in the online BBW role as a business venture and money-on-the-side opportunity.

It's available via abc iview for another three days, though probably out on YouTube and elsewhere too.
Oh yes, I happened to watch part of this doco not long ago myself, it actually sickened me so much at one point I stopped watching it but I'm going to finish it now.
(For those not in Australia in case iview doesnt work internationally, I saw it in multiple parts on youtube less than a week ago so hopefully it's still up!)
One of my friends linked me this and the most disturbing thing about it is the feeder/eater aspect. These guys are literally killing their girlfriends for their fetish. It's so fucked up.