Moya Palk


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Jan 2, 2015
Agency- Ford NY
Height- 5'10''
Bust- 32''
Waist- 23''
Hips- 33''
Hair- Brown
Eyes- Blue

She's british
Something is not working in her body for me (big calves maybe?) but she has a cute grumpy face and she seems very young still. She has all the time to improve, I guess..
I like the first photo, not so much the rest. They look like something that a kindergartener could take, and the posing is terrible. So dull.
Maybe if she loses significant weight, but for now... No.

Also, what the hell is wrong with her calves, they look as if they could belong to an elephant.
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I would die for her hair. Does anyone know how old she is? She's certainly a pear shape, which is a huge bummer. Trust me. Maybe it's the angle for the photos with her calves.
Personally I don't like her hair very much... but sometimes I do, I don't know haha
She's beautiful in the first picture but looks short in all the rest (if I didn't know she was 5"10 I would think she's 5"5 in those! But it's not her fault I believe...)
How old is she?
‘My Chemical Romance’ | Moya Palk By Tim Gutt For Vogue UK | May 2015



Lovely girl but she suffers from major cankels
I don't know why thick ankles never get photoshopped like other body parts?

Anyway, her hair looks exactly like mine after I get out of the shower and I can't stand it. Her face is pretty but lacks definition, her cheeks don't have a hint of bone, her jaw looks weak too.
I really hope she gets better with age. She's 16 and new in the buissness. She has a lot of potential but needs practice with her posing and work on her body.