Montana Cox



She has won the seventh season of Australia's Next Top Model, what do you think about her?






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When I think of [Country] Next Top Model, I usually picture the contestants as more reality TV oriented.

Montana looks like she fits very well into high fashion. She's cute and thin, she doesn't stand out all that much but I think she has the potential to.

Anyone know how she was on the show?
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Well, clearly Aussie ANTM is waaay better than the American version! I love her face, and she actually a modelesque height/weight to boot.

As a side note, thank you @Skinny2012 for always finding new faces to post! :luv: You're a star.
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So many of the girls on NTM just don't seem to go anywhere, so it's great that Montana's gotten into high fashion. A lot of girls on NTM in every country, even if they win, don't seem cut for high fashion:


^Gahahaha, she makes the other contestants look so terrible :lol:

Btw, thanks @Skinny2012 for always starting such great threads! You are practically co-author of SG :)
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I'm surprised, she appeared on Top Model, she looks like she's a pro and she fits in with all the other models. The girls on ANTM are all a joke (well the winners).
She's tall, skinny and has a pretty face but that's really all I see.. she doesn't have an interesting look and she's not stunning or anything.
Not sure what to think about her.

Her face looks so bland and she doesn´t seem to have anything special or outstanding about her looks. You can call it versatile, you can call it boring - I just don´t feel anything looking at her pics.

BUT I have to admit her body looks pretty good:



And looking at the other finalists, she was definitely the best choice!
(Am I the only one who´s wondering what made the other two girls go on a model show? They are so average I wonder how they even made it into the final show.)

Wow there's actual evidence that somebody who won Top Model models in the real world???
I'm shocked! Good for her.
Guess they're doing it right in at least one country.
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Scarred the crap out of me when i say the name (went to school with a girl who has the same name). But thank god! Much more prettier and i like her legs.
She’s not strikingly a standout in beauty but she’s beautiful enough to disqualify of becoming a reality garbage star or suing her agency.

I bet if she was in America's NTM, she wouldn't have won.

I’m beginning to like Australia more and more… I’ll have to visit it, one day!
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So it's not that she's super super thin in the photo. It's just that the other 2 contestants are fat :lol:

But I do like her. I'm surprised at all well she fits in with the HF models. Good luck and maybe she'll make it far :)
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Alice Burdeu won the third cycle of Australia's NTM, she pops up in some good shows.
Montana seemed really focused on the show, pretty quiet compared to Simone (the blonde) but she could have the occasional bitch. Wouldn't say she's a bitch though, it was more funny than anything. So glad she won!
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Someone should make a horror movie called the "The Diet Coke Shortage" about models killing each other over the last package of diet cokes during fashion week. Starring all our favorites ;)