Modern Family


Aug 2, 2013
I've searched the forum for an existing thread, but since there seems not to be any of this tv series, I decided I should open one.

I really like the humor, the whole concept of the show, characters are well written and it all just fits in.. in my opinion.
I'd like to hear yours on the subject, so, feel free to join the conversation!
I love this show too! Mitch and Cam are my favorite. I admire the actress who plays Claire as she is quite skinny. Occasionally, the oldest daughter Haily makes jokes about eating (or lack there of). I remember one episode where she said something like, "of course i'm a bitch, my whole life is a hunger game!"
I love this show, it is hilarious! None of the actors are very skinny but I enjoy it just the same (although Julie Bowen (Claire) looks really good for her age, especially considering she has twins). I love how they make fun of Cam's weight like here or when he went on that juice fast which was a stage-by-stage descent into madness.
Lovelovelove modern family. It's my favorite kind of binge ;) Just curious though, does it seem to anyone else that Sarah Hyland has gained weight over the series?
Yes, it seems so, but I think it's because she was really sick in real life (now she's better)... she stills is the most natural looking skinny in the series.. Claire is a bit too muscular in my opinion... she's my favourite..