Models we loved and will miss.


Worker Bee
May 25, 2012
So I wanted to make a thread of models that have passed away and that we used to love. We can honor their works, talk about why they passed and all that.

I for example greatly misses Daul Kim, as you maybe can see from my avatar. I think she's the first asian (corean) model that I fell inlove with. But since I was 14 when she died I didnt find her until I was 15-16. If anyone have read her blog you know that she was amazing. Her personal paintings and poems deeply touched me, and I think she was truly beautiful. She was the first model I could climb inside and feel with, and I could relate to her. Anyway, here's the link:
I like to fork myself





Hope this isnt too creepy. Just love her and I would like her to still be alive.
You're right - she was great. I'm not digging her pseudo-replacement, Soo Joo, or whatever. I don't get why she's being exalted so, especially when there are better Asian models (Ji Hye Park!)

I think that this is very sad:

Preston Chaunsumlit, a freelance casting agent and close friend of the late Daul Kim says the model once told him she took 17 flights in three weeks. Four days before she died, she wrote on her blog, “Oh but how lonely it is. then and now.” Chaunsumlit, who met Daul in New York in 2007 at an Ohne Titel casting, and says he spoke with her almost daily, also wonders if his industry was somehow complicit. “I’m kind of responsible for these young people and one of them I am really close with is not here any more,” he says, “I asked other casting people, ‘Are we doing something weird? People are dying all around us.’”
Ruslana :cry:

She looked like an absolute angel, her Nina Ricci commercial impacted me with its aesthetic and beauty, years later I still think it's one of the most beautiful fragrance ads out there. I've also heard that she was a lovely person, so her death is even sadder. Rest in peace Ruslana!

Dmitriy Tanner...Such a shame, he was having so much success as a model despite working only once a month because he was also an active-duty Marine. Plus he had a wife. He had campaigns for Versace, Versace Jeans, Calvin Klein, Diesel, DSquared2...all in the space of 2.5 years...ugh who knows how successful he could've been.









I miss Daul Kim too, but I only found out about her last year. I had no idea that she was an artist though! I'm totally going to check out her paintings and poetry. Thanks for postings.