Models meet Mean Girls



I was searching the internet for some thinspo and ended up on this blog, I thought some of these pics are good thinspo, but also very funny. It's basically pics of models inserted with quotes form the movie Mean Girls.

A few of my favorites:


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Haha, what a small world! :kiss:

haha, in this industry it is! i feel like a total 'name dropper' cos i seem to know so many people from the internet/modelling side of things- and then i just realise its cos i need to get a life ;) hahahaha
This tumblr is amazing! :) I love it. Thank you for sharing :) x
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"Socially retarded but she's my friend" --> cutest picture/caption ever hahah

And I might have loved Mean Girls when it came out.

(... And I might still :run:)
The first pic is really funny! I love Mean Girls.
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I love this! So funny. I think I want to watch Mean Girls again. The only time I watched it was at my friends sleepover party when I was like 9 :wtf: