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Discussion in 'Models' started by Babydoll, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Babydoll

    Babydoll Guest

    So we are always hearing and reading crap about fatties complaining that models are soooooo skinny that they make them feel bad and insecure. :rolleyes: They bash on the industry just because apparentley they say only one ideal is beautiful. However, I can prove that it is not true.
    Skinny, beautiful and sometimes even Photoshopped models make me feel better about myself. Why? Not just because I have thinspos to look up to, but also because I can actually relate to them. Sure, I may not be 6" like Karlie or have super skinny thighs like Anabela, and I sure am jealous of that! However, we are always discussing here about how we love love LOVE unconventional beauties as well as classic beauties. We love black, white and asian models. We love blonde, brunette and ginger models. We see a good thing in every girl (except for Upton, but that's not the point).
    So I can say: hey, this girl might not be perfect, but she's still beautiful! And then I realise that I can be beautiful without being flawless too. I used to be very insecure about my looks before. But now that I know about models and the industry, I accept myself much more. I used to hate my button nose. It was so flat and small! But then I saw it looks a lot like Gemma Ward's. I also hated my elfish ears that stuck out, but then I realised that they are similar to Frida Gustavsson's. I especially hated my eyes. They were small and almond-shaped and weird. You see, I'm of Chinese heritage, but I also have a bit of European blood. My eyes are not like a regular Asian nor European person. It's like, a mixture of both. It starts with a crease and then it disappears. No one else has eyes like me and I used to be (and sometimes I am again too) very insecure about them. However, I realised that my eyes set me apart from other Asians, and now I think they are exotic and unique rather than weird. And they do resemble Chanel Iman's a bit. I learned to think... "Does Codie Young hate her alien features?", "Does Lara Stone hate her tooth gap?", "Does Lindsey Wixson hate he lips?". Truth is, they may. But these girls have taken advantage of those imperfections and look at them now! Adored by many and considered some of the most beautiful in the world (well, except for Wixson maybe).
    So I say... The fashion industry shouldn't be accused of making women insecure, as it celebrates flaws and quirks like no other industry. So love yourself gurls, it is cheesy and cliché and hard, but not even our favorite thinspos are total perfection. :kiss:
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  2. Katie

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    Great post :) You're absolutely right, I feel the same way. I'm inspired and motivated, not intimidated by beautiful models. Anyway, if you feel insecure it's not because of other people, it's because you're dissatisfied with yourself.
  3. Ally

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    Jan 23, 2012
    WOW, @diamondsjoyandcharm!!! So well said, the whole thing :kiss: Being able to turn insecurities into strength should be a must for every girl out there. Better accept who you are and what you look like rather than moping about your looks for the rest of your life. Better late than never, I guess. But, the sooner the better ;):p
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  4. SatelliteEyes

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    Feb 21, 2012
    Holy fucking karma.
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  5. Scarlet

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    Same here :)

    I think the model world provides a much larger variety of different nationalities, looks, colours, personalities, styles than even Hollywood or TV, where the beuty ideal is way more stereotypical and generic.

    Almost every girl can find at least on model to relate to.
    Models are great thinspo. No matter what body shape you have, you will always find a skinnier version of your shape.
    For me, it´s Candice Swanepoel and Eugenia Mandzhieva, since they also have wide hips and narrow waists, and are about my size. Looking at their photos inspired me a lot!
  6. Babydoll

    Babydoll Guest

    Awww thanks gurls :kiss:
    I didn't expect the karma, because this was one spontaneous, done-at-4:00a.m.-with-insomnia post. I had just read one of those "confessions" about models and there was this fatty saying this:
    And it just triggered me to do this.
    No, fatty, models don't make you insecure, you yourself are and will be insecure until you freaking accept it and change. Period.
  7. mkp

    mkp Guest

    When are people going to start really attacking the way Americans abuse their bodies with bad food and lack of exercise as the cause to their bad feelings rather than taking the easy way out by attacking the looks of other people? :nopity:
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  8. leila

    leila Worker Bee

    Jan 22, 2012
    This 100%. Dieting (in a reasonably healthy way, not ED dieting) is actually GOOD for your body. Overweight/obese people ABUSE their bodies with the way they eat. and most of the population can't see or admit this. or are just terribly in denial.
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  9. slendergirl

    slendergirl Guest

    @diamondsjoyandcharm you're my heroine! Love what you've said here and completely support it - the fashion industry is so diverse and THAT makes me feel confident about the things that make me look different to the norm. Karma for you my lovely!
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  10. SkinnyB

    SkinnyB Guest

    I love this. It's so very true. :highfive:

    Plus you are who you are, if you don't like it, change it. If you can't change it then why worry about it? Everybody is unique and not everyone likes the same things. But no amount of hating is going to take away flaws, on the contrary it shows off the biggest flaw, how truly ugly people are inside.
  11. RedGlitter

    RedGlitter Guest

    Karma, Baby! :grin:

    Fantastic post. I relate to the part with the eyes. Since I saw Islandish and Asian models and other exotic beauties I also feel better about my eyes which I was always bashed for when I was a child, cause I don´t look "german".

    I totally love everything about your words. Thank you for saying it.
  12. yuri

    yuri Guest

    I will always respect and look up to models.
    Their discipline inspires, fascinates me.
    Models prove that your face and your body can be flawless if you want to and put effort.
  13. hannahq101

    hannahq101 Guest

    Models have made me feel confident about my nose and my teeth. My nose is huge and when I see pictures of people who can be considered the most attractive women in the world with big noses and gapped teeth who are still wonderfully gorgeous it makes me feel less insecure about my own "flaws".
  14. Babydoll

    Babydoll Guest

    In an attempt to boost everyone's confidence- including mine! :grin:

    Let's post pics of model flaws that, although they may not make someone more conventionally beautiful, make them more special, more unique and more succesful. Join in if you want to!

    Vlada's eye bags

    Julia Nobis's big nose

    Frida's elfish ears and unsymmetrical nostrils

    Hanne's forehead

    Xiao's eyes

    Anja's hips
  15. JessicaChristine

    Nov 20, 2012
    nice thread :)

    I, too, get confidence from models, simply because they are beautiful (to me, just my personal taste), and beautiful "things" make me happy and being happy makes me confident.

    Pretty simple, actually :kiss:
  16. SkinnyGlimmer

    SkinnyGlimmer Rookie

    Oct 31, 2012
    No offence to Julia Nobis' fans but I don't find her pretty at all :meh: You know all those girls have things that make them SPECIAL, you can't bump into girl with that special eye bags like Vlada or Xiao's eyes, it makes them attractive. But I can see girls like Julie EVERYWHERE. And they are still ugly...
    I am still jelaous, they are so freaking pretty! :luv: I hate that my face is painfully average.
  17. Artemis

    Artemis Grand Dame

    Nov 16, 2012

    Okay so . . . THANK YOU!

    I started reading Vogue when I was 14; something about Cosmo and PINK slathered VS girls just . . . dunno, left me really isolated. I have always loved high-fashion for favoring what I suppose you could call racial margins. I have super-fair skin. I have red hair and very "polar" facial features. But I am not "ugly." So if my skin isn't orange--nay, bronze (and, for all academic purposes, if my skin were to adopt a faux metallic sheen, it would be platinum) and I am neither a "flirty" bleach blonde nor a "seductive" brunette, I am a caricature of a "quirky" or "irritated" person.

    Really bro-bro guys will tell me "pale" skin is creepy. I get yelled at when I run (in shorts) by twats (smoking Black-n-Milds) in shitty cars over my "white legs."

    They are racists.

    (For the record, this is why I date doctors/scientists--they aren't freaking IDIOTS.)
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  18. Prinnyprinn

    Prinnyprinn Rookie

    Oct 25, 2012
    Me too. I once tended bar for a fashion show. I was so awestruck at all the tall, skinny beauties. I wore my highest heels so I wouldn't feel so short. The models towered over me anyway and were rather bitchy and pushed me around as I had to squeeze past them to get to other bars in the venue. But I still loved to be so up close!

    This. I kind of have elf ears, and a slight gap in my teeth, that somehow closed up on its own as I got older. My nose is kind of like an Italian schnoze, but I don't mind. You can pick on any one feature on someone, but when looking at the whole package, you can see how beautiful someone is. I think I'm pretty and I look at models as inspirations and like unique works-of-art. They don't make me feel self-conscious.
  19. Babydoll

    Babydoll Guest

    Agree on that!

    I don't think Julia is pretty either, but her nose definitely makes her stand out from most models (most of them have small or medium noses). Which is why I think she got booked a lot in S/S 2013. She may not be beautiful but she gets booked because she stands out with that nose, and I appreciate that as I can see that she can be a model even though she's not perfect.

    Also, don't worry about your "painfully average" face. I know I would give a LOT to look average rather than stand out with my tiny nose and weird Chinese-but-not-as-Chinese-as-traditional-Chinese-people's eyes. :lol: And this thread is supposed to make you confident! :grin: If these girls with flaws that are not necessarily pretty can be models, then why can't a girl with an "average" face be pretty too? ;)
  20. SkinnyGlimmer

    SkinnyGlimmer Rookie

    Oct 31, 2012
    I read our brain makes us see ourselves 5 times more beautiful than we actually are :lol: Now I'll be in depression for some time xD
    But you're right, everyone has those little things that make him be diffrent than others, we have to learn how to love them :grin:
    Oh and my nose? It looks like stupid potato ._.

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