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Jun 10, 2018
The rise of the multi-hyphenate is upon us and the fashion industry is no different. I want to see all your favourite multi-talented muses making art of their own. Feel free to post any sort of art, any medium, as long as it was made by a model.

I'll start us off with the iconic Sasha Pivovarova, who paints, sculpts, collages, photographs, and performs as an artist. She's had galleries in Paris, New York, been published in Vogue, and collaborated with Dior as an artist.
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Another favourite of mine: Alexandra Agoston! She doesn't seem to advertise it much, but she's a talented painter. I really like her art :)

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I'll start us off with the iconic Sasha Pivovarova, who paints, sculpts, collages, photographs, and performs as an artist. She's had galleries in Paris, New York, been published in Vogue, and collaborated with Dior as an artist.

She's come a long way since her backstage coloring books!

edit - I'm being serious not trying to be mean btw
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Irina Kravchenko! Lovely whispy model who is an artist with aspirations after fashion to become a graphic designer. Before becoming a model, she finished studying interior design, was illustrating children's books, and even taught art in elementary!

Her Illustration Instagram

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Ariane Heloise Hughes, signed with a mediocre agency, but IMO still worth mentioning due to her very intricate, sensual, surrealistic paintings.
"Through processes of objectification, fragmentation and amplification, her paintings hold a mirror to the age of the spectacle, drawing on the ubiquity and farcicality of the digital image and online viewing space. Appropriating often banal and unwittingly familiar narratives into a visual vernacular full of unusual and exaggerated forms, Hughes’ surrealistic depictions create a world that aims to draw the viewer in, engaging them in a process of active looking and contemplative thought."
'Between A Rock & A Hard Place'
Between A Rock & A Hard Place.png

'Played Myself'

Ariane Heloise Hughes.png

Ariane Heloise Hughes 2.png

IMG_4158 2.jpg

Jolie Alien is clearly not a new name to us, but she's focusing more than so ever on her creative career and has been titled as Russia's youngest rising artist by Vogue. I quite miss her presence within the fashion world, but on the other hand, it's inspiring to see her career as an artist emerge as her work is now being exhibited in galleries in New York, Tokyo, London etc.
"Alien, who has been diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia, saw art as a way to express herself. She began painting at 15, creating a portrait for her father, after her two grandmothers passed away. The piece included various abstract faces on a yellow canvas with the phrase “empty below” in Russian. “For me, drawing is a kind of salvation,” she says.
Over the years, her inspirations have ranged from Marina Abramovic to Dadaists, who she says have “a good harshness for our time,” as well as the Russian painter Mikhail Vrubel." - Vogue Russia

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Ana Cristina, shes with New York Model Management.
Last measurements listed are 5'11, 32/23/34
Her art is interesting. Not necessarily my style but she is technically very skilled.
It fits in with her whole laissez faire rocker girl image

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Hi loves - there's been this girl on my mind for a while now so I'm adding her to this wonderful and underrated thread. She's incredibly beautiful and eccentric. I followed her for her art on my Fyp and was honestly surprised to find out how striking she was; we love multifaceted skinnies.

She's currently being represented by @systemagency and her name is Mars (supposedly). Anyways, here are some links to her Instagram posts:

... and here are some examples of her art:

(from her art book)

Please check her out. Also, is it just me, or is she sort of built (in a nice way) like this Pokemon? Observe:


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Gabrielle Rul inspires me so much, both aesthetically and artistically, so here are some of my recent favourites from her IG (@gabrielle.rul):luvluv:


And some of her art which I really like for the simplicity and elegance. I also love the prominence of primary colours in her work:

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