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Feb 16, 2012
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So a while back here I said I wanted to start a thread for us to categorize and uber-microcategorize model looks. I know we won't all agree on whose look goes under each category, or even what categories there should be! So, I will start with a few ideas and we can all add to them, agree or disagree, debate them, etc!

Just a few to get started and to give examples of what I mean:

The Babydoll - Gemma, Vlada, Heather M

The Blank Canvas - Kasia, Toni G

The Elfin - Tanya D, Anna S, Anja R

The Androgyne - Freja, Hanne

Those are some ideas to get started, and they are just my opinions (though some are pretty universal eg. Gemma as Vlada babydolls :) ) - I'm really excited to see what everyone thinks and can't wait to see how deep we can dig!
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The Alien - Daphne Groeneveld, Lindsey Wixson, Lily McMenamy
Also Elfin : Frida G, Ginta Lapina, Sasha Luss, Sasha P, Nastya K

The classic beauties : Sigrid Agren, Constance Jablonski
I actually have my own little categories for all of them: :lol:

Androgynous: Saskia de Brauw, Hanne gaby Odiele,

Cuties: Lindsay Ellingson, Bette Franke, Sigrid Agren, Behati, Fei Fei Sun

Classy: anna seleznava, Magda, Frida Gustavvson, Kasia Struss, Snejana, Lily Donaldslon

Elfin: vlada, sasha, Gemma, Tanya A, Jessica Stam
Classic beauties: edita v, miranda kerr, Ellingson, Erin Heatherton (skinny), Constance, Ginta Lapina

'Sexy': Rosie H, Emily Didonato, Gisele

Annoying brats: Chanel Iman, Kate Upton, Lindsey Wixson, Daphne Groeneveld, Marisa Miller

Undetermined: Coco Rocha, Maryna Linchuk
The Alien

Undetermined: Coco Rocha



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True, I forgot about her face for a second. I didn't remember so... Voldemort-like :confused:

Haha, I actually like Coco Rocha. When I saw you left her uncategorized, I remembered she posted that side-by-side on her tumblr a while back and thought it was humourous because she openly agreed with the strong resemblance. Self-categorized I guess. ;)
Ondria Hardin, Elfin.
Julia Nobis, blank canvas.
Doutzen Kroes, sexy/classic beauty.
Isabeli Fontana, sexy.
Agyness Deyn, androgynous.
Stella Tennant, androgyous.
Mariacarla Boscono, I really don't know where to put her because I reaaaally love her but I also think she has something alien-ish (in a good way, like out-of-this-world!)
Sui He, classic beauty.
Lily Cole, alien
Where you sit backstage at Fashion Week is crucial because you got everybody there.

You got your Freshmen


ROTC guys




JV Jocks


Asian Nerds


Cool Asians


Varsity Jocks


Unfriendly Black Hotties


Girls who eat their feelings


Girls who don't eat anything

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Desperate Wannabes




Sexually Active Band Geeks


The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet...


...And the worst. Beware of the plastics.


...Sorry. Had to. :grin:

But on topic:

@cokediet Kate is the undisputable queen of the heroin chic! :bow: It all started because of her.

Heroin Chic: Kate, Platinum hair Abbey Lee, Freja, Lara Stone
Bombshells: Adriana, Gisele, Lara again, pretty much every VS/SI model
Glamazons: Naomi, Cindy, Linda, Christy
Eastern European Invasion: Vlada, Natasha, Anna, Sasha, Snej, Magda, Tanya, Natalia
Asian Invasion: Fei Fei Sun, Sui He, Liu Wen, Ming Xi, Xiao Wen Ju, Tao Okamoto, Soo Joo
Brazilian Invasion: Gisele, Adriana, Aline Weber, Caroline Trentini
The Gap Tooth Committee: Wixson, Lara, Jac, Georgia May Jagger
Dutch Wave: Daphne, Lara, Nimue, Doutzen
Barbie-purged-on-my-hair-club: Charlotte Free, Chloe Norgaard
Katie Grand's Brit Bitches: Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell, Georgia May Jagger, Rosie Huntington-Whitely
Aliens: Hanne Gaby, Wixson, Daphne, Lily McMenamy, Jamie Bochert, Gemma (a bit), Tanya, Kittendorf, Evelina Mambetova
60's Mod Girls: Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, young Grace Coddington
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