Model ID?

Who is this and why don't I know who she is? :drool:

Whoever IDs her for me first gets a great big ...

... karma bonus. :)

Elena Kantaria (I think :confused:) KANTARIA.html#

Photo 6 and the Harper's Bazaar cover on her profile show the best resemblance.

Why don't you know her? I can only suppose you've had other things on your mind.

You can thank me whenever. I can wait. ;)
:wtf::wtf::wtf: The side pose on the w&b photo with the white dress!!!!! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge thinspo! :bow:
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I hope this is an older photo; I've gotta say that I thought I'd be more blown away by her lower half judging by those first pics Anonymous B posted :(

I think it is older... it looks like AB's ones were posted yesterday (don't know when they were taken though), and the swimsuit one's from October 2011. I think she only started modelling about a year ago, so she's probably been undergoing the New Model Shrink ;). You may breathe easy, ladies.
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