Michelle Williams



I think she's beautiful (and very young-seeming!) but she's so soft -- and it seems that she's actually pretty close to being thin! I know she gained weight to play Marilyn Monroe but even otherwise her weight seems to fluctuate a lot.

I recognize my body type in her (other than the fact that she's short), so I either find her inspiring or dread-inducing depending on how she's fluctuated. What do you all think about her?


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I am just not a fan... I dont think she looks good in any pic that isnt altered.... Her little one is adorable though
i think her face is cute, really pixie-ish with her short hair. can't say i love her body though.
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I think her face looks beautiful but those mommy arms :nopity:

And is it just me, or do her fingers look really weird?
She's never maintained a skinny frame. I think it's just not her. Check her out in Prozac Nation. You will realized the photos posted above ARE her skinny photos hehe