Michael Fassbender


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Sep 28, 2013
I hope I don't get lampooned for starting this thread, but X-Men: First Class was on TV today and while drooling over Michael Fassbender, I realized that male celebrities can be just as thinspiring, and often even moreso, than female celebrities. I just couldn't stop admiring his trim waist (and every other part of his body).



In a Vogue shoot with Natalia Vodianova... can you imagine what their babies would look like?


His shoulder-to-waist ratio is just... unh.

I also highly recommend searching him on tumblr, though I can't guarantee your ovaries will still function after the onslaught of gifs.
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This is an entirely relevant thread because Michael played a character called 'Bobby Sands' in the 2008 film Hunger, whereby he had to lose a lot of weight because his character was on hunger strike.


Here are some more fap-worthy photos:



Oh god, may I say: he resembles my boyfriend... [emoji7]

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Anyone see Prometheus? Sci-fi/horror movie freaked the hell out of me but he played a human-looking robot, very trim and solid - cuz you know it's real flesh in actuality ;);) (and he was the only one who kinda survived-spoilers!)



i remember him from that movie! prob the best part of a mediocre film (my opinion). Also I admire his versatility as an actor
Holy shit I'm glad we're in agreement - the things I would do/let him do. And his boooooodddddy, and his smiiiiileee.
I'm in love!
Does it also happens to you girls that whenever you drop his name, all the males in the room become caustic while all the women get instantly horny?:lol:
Anyone see Prometheus?
If they would start creating David 8, the humans would die out, as every female would get one and all men would be forgotten.
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Why did I even open this thread so early in the morning ?

Just to play a bit of a troll here, I don't understand the hype of this guy.
His yellow teeth freak the hell out of me every. single. time. his mouth is open :run:

His yellow teeth freak the hell out of me every. single. time. his mouth is open :run:

Ey, everybody can have an opinion (even if you are wrong! :D just kidding)
Personally I like that he has his teeth that way, it seems natural, not like most celebrities with the same perfect white teeth like they are clones (it happens with noses too, they have almost all the same!). The same reason I like his wrinkles. They say that he smiles a lot.