Met Ball 2012


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Jan 27, 2012
Some pictures of models at the Met Gala 2012 :)


Rosie Huntington-Whitley

Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevigne

Karlie Kloss

Coco Rocha

I'm sorry but I think she looks like she's going to the circus.

Chanel Iman

Karolina Kurkova
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Joan Smalls

Candice Swanepoel


Anja Rubik

Constance Jablonski

Arizona Muse

Carolini Trentini

Feel free to post pictures. Who do you think was best dressed?
i'm really surprised at kirsten dunst's chub face


but i love christina, i think she's looks cute despite the big-present-dress

Hahah damn Candice. She's got two guys who are taller than her when she's in heels. They must be huge!! Most of them look really great. Anja's hipbones are crazy defined.
i'm really surprised at kirsten dunst's chub face


Everything about her look is just.. wrong. chub face, average body, ugly dress, bad hair.. Well that's just my opinion anyway.

She kinda looks like she's married to some old guy in the congress... Or like Hillary Clinton :lol: The dress just really ages her out.
Karlie looks so OLD...I wish she would've been styled to look more her age. :(

I also feel like Karolina's trying WAY too, she needs to chill out and stop being so pose-y, in my opinion (and maybe take that swimming cap off her head as well).

Cara Delevigne looks stunning as always, and everyone else looks great too. :)
Anja Rubiks hip bones amaze me, it looks really good. And Joan Smalls legs are gorgeous, the summer dream of every pale girl, naturally tanned legs that are slim but with some good muscles. Thats what I want to see more of, its so aesthetic.
Aw, I just feel like Coco tries so hard and fails...
I really loved Chanel Iman's dress, I'm not sure why as I'm not a huge fan of her. Also is it just me or does Candice Swanpoel look a bit odd in the face here?
i just don't get anja's appeal. her hip bones look improbable - not in a good way. her face looks worn out and haggard, i think you can clearly tell that her weight is by no means 'natural' for her. she scares me in these pictures.
her face looks worn out and haggard, i think you can clearly tell that her weight is by no means 'natural' for her.

I don't think she looks great here (and admittedly she has looked a bit haggard lately), but I do need to defend Anja a bit b/c her and I share nearly an identical face shape, bone structure, and age, therefore, I can say that sometimes one may just have a naturally skinny..almost bony face and it's not necessarily a representation of if you are at your 'natural' weight. Factor in one's face may be slightly fuller in early 20's....but then will deflate....

On a different note, I didn't care for her her dress choice though--or that pose--yikes--nothing I can say about that:confused:

Look at the gut she's sporting! Either she ate an entire turkey dinner on the limo ride over, or that gut is just pure fat, poking out to say hello. Gross.

EDIT: you know what? I might be right about that turkey dinner... she appears to be storing a yorkshire pudding in each cheek, saving them for later on.
omg kate upton



compared to the others, she looks......( no words can describe)

( I know...looking at my weight, I should probably keep quiet) But this is just too funny. I literally fell out of my chair. Does she have a mustache ?