Melina Gesto


Super Star
May 11, 2012

She's just so hot and gorgeous! I like her attitude in photos. She might not be really skinny but she's definitely my new girl crush!
Ooh, I really like her. She's beautiful. Normally I can't stand septum piercings but it looks pretty cool on her
Hmmm.. unpopular opinion but I don't love her. She looks good in some shots, but I don't see anything remarkable.
I find her nose ring really distracting (also I'm not a fan in general). In some of her shots I think she looks stunning though.
I really don't like the styling on this campaign, it looks a bit too trashy for her.
Apart from that I think she is gorgeous and I love that she is from Argentina ♥
If she lost weight she'd be soo much better IMO.



She had to model with Kendall Jenner:
There is something I really like about her. It´s true that she is not the skinniest out there, but I just find her really sexy.

Melina makes that septum piercing look hot. She has the same masculine-yet-sexy feel that Freja does, at least it feels like that to me.
I wish she would lose the septum piercing. Otherwise, I like how versatile she is--she looks so different in all her photos. She looks stunning with curly hair.
She makes me really want a septum piercing, but I'm scared if I get one it will get infected ):

They're the eeeasiest piercing to take care of in my experience. It's not exposed at either opening so they're pretty foolproof because you don't have the option to fiddle with it or put some crap on it to "help it heal". Literally leave it alone and it's good in like two weeks. Also you can take it out and you don't have to worry about a scar if that kind of thing bothers you -- never happened ;)

Back to Melina I don't dislike her, but I dislike how she holds her face in photographs. It seems like she tenses around her mouth / jaw in an unflattering way or something. Also I do like septums but it's distracting on a model IMO, the focus is pulled from her features, the makeup, the clothes, etc.