Yes 1000 times, I love this movie. Her wedding bouquet is lilies of the valley - that alone had me. But visually? Feast form my eyes.
Oh I love this movie. It is unconventional and so sad, but also so beautiful :luv:
I like all the actors, they are good and make the characters real (can you say that? sorry for my english :( )
I love that movie, it's amazing, but am i the only one who can't stand shaky camera work? I got sick while watching it in the cinema and had to leave early :oops: Watched it again at home, though, because i wanted to know how it ended and it wasn't that bad then (my nausea from the camera work, not the movie ;)).
i loved this movie so much! the scenery and the house! not to mention the wedding!
the story was pretty twisted but the movie was just eye candy for me. major thinspo. beauty in every scene. ill always feel crazy like kirsten in this movie.

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