MC Barao


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Jan 16, 2012
I mentioned MC briefly in my thread about Melanie Iglesias but thought she deserved her own thread. She might not be a celeb, but I wasn't sure exactly where she belonged.

She is a fitness model and blogger. The reason I look up to MC over other fitspo models is because her muscles are tight. She looks so thin but still has great definition. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her, she first got noticed when she participated in Maxim's Hometown Hotties search in 2010. She didn't win, but made it pretty far. IMO, she is above it. She has a tumblr and also a personal website (links below) where she discusses clean eating, working out and a healthy lifestyle. She also posts pictures of what she eats which is really cool. On her tumblr she has "challenges" that followers can do with her. She is really sweet and just all around amazing :luv:

Here are some photos:





A picture of her food from her tumblr:

Her tumblr link:
Her website link:

What do you girls think? Love her like I do? Or not that impressed?
Not my favourite look, but I admire how fit and toned she is!
wow..her abs are insane!! its kinda interesting how muscular and powerful her upper body looks in comparison to her legs, which look skinny and delicate...
Holy shizzz. The muscular look isn't my personal ideal, but she definitely has an amazing body!

Same. I prefer skinny but not overly muscular, but dang, this chick looks amazing. Very small but strong. She says inherent tumblar she doesn't calorie count, just is committed to eating clean and obviously exercises a bunch.
Seriously impressive. I'm not a huge fan of seeing the "V" near her reminds me of guys :hmm:...
But I bet she could lift me over her head without much effort...dang.