Maxi Skirts



Do you all like maxi skirts? How would you wear them to not look too dowdy?
Defenitely a look that is only reserved for the tall girls... And the skinnies. Or you'll end up looking like this...


But when they're styled properly, they can look nice!
I love them but since I'm quite short (5'4) I'd rather wear very long dresses, they make me taller, and they are so comfortable in the spring/summer time !
It's gotta be with a cropped or very tight top (depending on season, appropriateness, etc.). And a belt ties the look together, makes everything appear more polished, and defines your waist.
I'm a fan, but I have to be careful how I dress in them. Because of my wide hips, they can look awful on me.

I've seen everal well combined looks in store windows. Unusally the Maxi skirt itself has to be sharp, have a nice texture (no slimsy material). Waist high, combined with a nice blouse and an oversized wool cardigan it can look nice.
On the rigt body ofc....
I'm a fan. I wear sheer cami or singlet tops tucked in to the skirt. I also love maxi dresses.