Maud Welzen

AnnaLeah Rose

Jan 16, 2012
between here and there
Look at this model - she's so cute and tiny, plus she has the loveliest face!

She's 5'10 and her stats are 31-24-33.

Here you can really see her legs, so pretty and slender:

More legs:

I love how even in this big coat, you can tell that she's just a little peanut!
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She is adorable. Much better than Kate Upton...who is apparently 19 too (still don't believe you girls on that one...) :wtf:

Love love love her legs and skinny neck even! :luv:
Maud Welzen.

November, 13.

Born in

Zodiac sign


Personal motto
"Live your life and be yourself."

Fashion is

I became a model
"Scouted in Paris with a school trip."

My style is

Favorite Fashion Designer
"Burberry, Prada."

All time style icon
"Whitney Port."

Favorite dress
"A little black dress."

Fashion Tip
"Wear what you like."

I love
"My family, friends, travelling."

I dislike
"Mean people; rain."

First thing I do when I wake up
"Look at my phone."

Last thing I do before I go to sleep
"Look at my phone."

Under my bed I keep
"Boxes with stuff I don't need."

On my room’s wall I have
"A frame with pictures on it."

"Dog, rabbit and birds."

Tattoo or piercing
"Only my ears are pierced."


"Hip hop."

Dream Concert
"Jason Derulo."

"The devil wears Prada."

"Her name was Sarah."

"Handball, fitness."

"Sports, shopping, hanging out with friends."

Seaside or Mountain

Country/City I want to visit
"Las Vegas."

I'm in love with
"My Blackberry."

I want to change
"My shoes."

Projects for future
"A mom."

My biggest dream
"Travel a lot for modeling."
She's cute and has an amazing body, but when she is on the runway she has this caught-in-the-headlights look.
I've seen a video interview on fashion tv that some of you could find interesting ;)

She say: -I've never thought I wanted to be a model, never. I was tall and I was skinny, I didn't like it, no I didn't like that. But now I like it. All people said "Oh you're so tall, oh my god you're so skinny" and it's no nice, cause you don't say to anybody "Oh my god you're so fat". I liked it and I hated when people said to me "you are so skinny". Now they say it too, but I think "Yeah, it's great, thanks!"
Then the interviewer ask her what she would change about herself. -What would I change? Nothing, I don't know what. I'm skinny, so, that's importante for modeling. So I don't want to change that.

here's the link:
ugh BASIC BASIC BASIC as fuck. She and Shu Pei have got to be the 2 most bland models this year.
ugh BASIC BASIC BASIC as fuck. She and Shu Pei have got to be the 2 most bland models this year.

Really, you think so? I think she looks incredible, most people would kill to look like her. :bow:

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