Maria Menounos



I don't really know what she's known for, but I love her body...


I think she was an MTV vj? And is just a TV "personality" now but I agree. She was a chubster when she was young too and lost the weight around college time. She seems to be a really nice woman and admits how hard it is to maintain a thinner physique. Also as a "curvy" short girl who will never be model thin with a thigh gap, she looks so amazingly perfect in these pics!:luv:
Yes all true but look what it's done to her face. Her hips are still bigger than mine and most would say she is skinnier than me. Sigh. I picked up her book on girl tips how to live etc at Wal Mart and just the same old regurgitated girlie diet crap- nothing really healthy and don't think she'll age well. Aging is a consideration too- you don't have to get fat but for god's sakes wow.
I love her body but her hips/butt are a little too large for my liking. It looks good on her though! :)