Maria Borges



Height 5'11"
Bust 32
Waist 24
Hips 34

(according to premier model management)




Nice body, but she's a bit generic and boring to me. I wouldn't say she's ugly, but I wouldn't look twice if I was in the same room as her.
She reminds me of a super skinny model version of Lupita with this short hair, and her beautiful smile too.
I really like her with short helps to bring more attention to her face and beautiful, megawatt smile. I think she looks a bit commercial as others have pointed out but at least in the more recent pictures she really commands attention in a nice way PLUS a nice skinny-fit upper body. Her lower body is at least toned...not skinny but actually looks better than last year.
Her features totally stand out more with this hair - love it!
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