Make Me A Supermodel

Discussion in 'Television' started by Golden ice, Sep 29, 2013.

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    Jul 28, 2012
    @Exquisite recommended this show to me on the ANTM thread a little while ago - I liked it so much better than ANTM, and I think it is a ton more realistic. They only did two seasons, but they are definitely worth watching, and I feel like the show is much more aware of what actually happens in the industry.
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    It is awesome - I have only seen the second season, but I love it. For example it shows what the models are eating and criticises, it shows them complaining about their bodies and wanting to lose weight, and it shows them working out. Of course this is peppered between the photoshoots and runway challenges, makeovers, etc.

    Honestly I think season 2 of MMAS was really good reality tv - the personalities within the house were awesome and if you want to follow up at all, lots of the contestants contributed to the MMAS forums on rtvgames.

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