So I know it isn't a weightloss blog/site (its about fashion), But I love it so much!
The girl is called Juliett and I find her so beautiful:luv:
Does anybody already know it? Or did I miss a thread(please tell me I didn't I really didn't find one about her:eek:)?

And her facebook:


I've never heard of it but I *love* the photography, it's so dreamy.

She is also beautiful facially.

Bookmarked :)
I like the black and white picture (she looks like blonde Penelope Cruz on this one), but I don't find her face beautiful at all, and she is too big for my taste. Some of her clothes are okay, but overall she seems average. I can't read her blog so I can't really say anything about it, perhaps she is very nice or creative, but judging only on basis on looks, I just don't see anything special. Sorry if I'm being too harsh.
For some reason, she reminds me a bit of Keira Knightley...

She's not skinny enough to be a thinspo, but she's ''average people skinny'' for sure.
She has a lookbook too
I used to follow/read her blog but just kinda stopped for no particular reason. Her fashion is okay.. Lots of black milk though.
@MCgirl You're not being harsh;) When you get asked for your opinion it's absolutely fine to say it! I think it's very interesting to see everyones "taste".
I really like some photos:luv: but I liked her more when she wasn't all in Black Milk clothing. I think she became a little to onesided, but I still follow her because sometimes I'll see something that I really like:shy:

But I don't think she is meant as a thinspo either:)
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