Lupita Nyongo


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Feb 1, 2012
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Everybody's darling right now,tired of seeing her everywhere - Not much thinspo but what a flawless face and her red carpet outfits were almost all hits.


I love her, she's as radiant as the sun!

She's a bit overexposed, much like JLaw was last year, I hope it's not gonna have a backlash like it's starting to become for JLaw.
She has great skin - she is so radiant, I am jealous! I do worry she'll be overexposed, but she's not as annoying as JLaw, so even if I see a lot of her, it won't be as annoying, I think.

It did irk me how people were going nuts over her xylo in the above dress and how "gross" it was. I even saw some comments that she was likely starving, as if they can't see her fit arms. Rolled my eyes hard at that one. She's certainly thin, but definitely not starving.
Lupita seems to have the intelligence to understand that once the people are tired of her and she will leave us alone. That's probably the big difference to most other celebs.
I've seen her everywhere and can't help but notice that she has kind of an odd body shape. you can see her xylo for example, but her calves seem pretty big. I thought it was just wrong heels with knee-lenght dresses but I'm not so sure anymore. they dress her wrong, she looks so much better in long dresses.

I like her, she seems like an intelligent woman. Although I'm not that fond of athletic bodies (yes I think she has a typical pear-shaped body), she has a very pretty skin and I think her eyes and face makes her seem kinda sweet.


Just watched the new Star Wars trailer; totally forgot she's going to be in the film.


Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Vogue.



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