Luisana Lopilato ( Michael Buble's wife)


Apr 6, 2012




lol. the lighting makes it look like one of her thighs is bigger than her waist.

Isnt she pregnant? I thought I heard that somewhere...

yess she iss, i used to go to see her to the theatre when i was younger, she was really skinny when she was 15, but natural skinny, later she gained weight.

she and michael used to go to the same gym as one of my best friends and one of my childhood friends cousin used to go to school with her and said she was really dumb.

but she is gorgeous, in my opinion she needs to lose a couple of pounds but maybe after her pregnancy.
why does this thread exist? :nervous:

Seriously. She's got chunky thighs and married for money. What else is there to know?

@peruviangirl - Please, I know she's something in South America, but she's unknown elsewhere. She's not skinny like some of the lovely Asian ladies others have shared. THINK VLADA. THINK FEI FEI.
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Yeah, not to bandwagon, but she doesn't even count as a celebrity. Like, even if you used the term "Celebrity" loosely... she still wouldn't qualify. Being married to a professional whatever singer does not a celebrity make you.
Another fatso.

Lose 30lbs, retry. I see a hundred prettier girls walking down the street every day. Nothing special, fat, and isn't even a celebrity. Next.:mad: