Lucy Liu




She's beautiful. To me she is also "skinspo" and "agespo" ;p
I think she is the 40something actress who looks the best. I hope to age like her, I have to steal her secrets :eek:
I also love the dress she is wearing :)

I've always liked her!
Though not really liking some of the upper arm chub going on in the second picture.
She's not really skinny, but looks quite good for her age.

Also, when I googled her for her pictures, one of the top searches was 'Lucy Liu feet'
I adore her. Would kill to look like her now, never mind at 40-something!! She's not as thin as we're used to here, but her face wouldn't look nearly as pretty if she was... Once you hit 35-ish it's way more flattering to at least be healthy-thin rather than super-skinny, I think.
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Many of you won't like her modeling for Vogue, but I think she's adorable!
Lucy Liu for Vogue China, April 2009 by Mario Sorrenti



I think she's so beautiful! I love her freckles.

I wish there were more recognized Asian women in the entertainment industry (maybe
I'm bias because I'm half-Chinese, but still!).
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Lucy's a babe! Love her cute smile. She's completely ageless! She could easily pass for twenty-something. Wonder what her secret is or if it's just great genes!
I don't know if it's just me, but i've recently started watching the elementary series and it looks like she lost some weight for it?