Lucie Fink


Aug 22, 2020
New York City
@habenula lolol ok sorry, to be completely honest with you, I didn't really feel like going to Columbia was a flex since I don't even think it's much of an accomplishment in itself. There are 30,000 other undergraduate students; some are smart and some are not. I also feel like NYU is cooler.
I just don't think the school/being pre-med really makes anyone more *special* enough to be talked about here! For example, I'm 5'3" and I don't have an interesting look, not a model, so no, I don't think I deserve a thread here even if I had tons of instagram followers just because I quit being a pre-med at Columbia.
I'm really sorry if I came off sounding unaware and annoying, I honestly didn't think it was much of a flex, esp on this forum for skinny girls! I just used it to make a point since I know that some people who's not in this particular field think it's a thing. Honestly, for many, it says more about their upbringings than their own individual efforts. A lot of smart people can't go to the school, not because of their lack of intelligence or efforts, but because they didn't have the support and resources that they needed.
I think Lucie's a nice girl who made decent efforts to get into Johns Hopkins, but that in itself is really not that big of an accomplishment on her part given her background. If she writes beautifully, that's probably more valuable and worth praising, and having a successful career in creative writing (?) seems more impressive and rare to me. I'm just telling you, a lot of pre-med kids (not the ones here) are just overachieving self righteous grade grubbing intellectual-curiosity-lacking condescending little privileged kids. I'm "pre-impressed" if someone says they're a "pre-med".

I do think what's much more rarer and worth talking about on this website are girls who put in their work to become successful models (not talking about nepo models). Yeah there are genes but there's little that the parents can do to help them stay skinny and help them get jobs.
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