Louis Vuitton F/W 2012 2013

I love when designers go for something OTT like this!

Not a fan of the collection (except the bags, I adore the bags :luv:), a bit too old-lady for me, but the show is amazing.

This is the campaign:

Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Karl Templer
Makeup: Pat McGrath
Hair: Guido Palau
Models: Erjona Ala, Elena Bartles, Mackenzie Drazan, Ros Georgiou, Marina Heiden, Magda Laguinde, Franzi Mueller, Julia Nobis, Hedvig Palm, Marie Piovesan





Like how it fits the runway theme. I wish they didn't use so many models though, I don't even like any of them. Plus, I don't think they add to the campaign; the campaign is great IN SPITE of them, not BECAUSE of them. The good thing about them though is that they're so bland they don't distract from the clothes :lol:

I feel like getting the LV campaign is becoming less prestigious and doesn't do as much for a newbie's career as it used to (since they insist on using newbies :rolleyes:) because they always use so many girls. I love the campaign itself, even though it looks more like an editorial. I feel like they had to make the campaign very beautiful in order to sell the ugly clothes :p Apparently stores in Europe were afraid of ordering too many F/W pieces because they were afraid of sitting on dead stock :lol:

This is the making of video for the campaign: http://www.vogue.fr/vogue-tv/report...ne-louis-vuitton-automne-hiver-2012-2013/2061
Oh yeah, as much as I love the runway show, I do have one problem with it. I don't think the music matches the collection that well. I wish they used Hedwig's Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCNHVMIYqiA (from Harry Potter) because I feel like it fits the collection a lot better than the music that they actually used.
I don't think the HP music would have done the show any favor.
Maybe the music could have been even more nostalgic to emphasize the collection, but right now I can't think of any composition fitting better than the one they used :hmm:
Oh I am in love :luv: the conductors holding the bags was perfect.

I think the pieces will work quite well separately; for example, that first outfit looked like it had some very odd proportions, but the coat was really nice and a good classic cut.
I love how creative Marc Jacobs is, not only for the clothes but the show itself. However, I don't think it tops the Spring/Summer 2012 carousel! :p
It is very 1940's and I think someone should post this video in the "Models next to People" threas :lol: The hats and bags were especially beautiful (then again, LV is mostly known for accessories rather than clothes). And I adore how different the clothes are from other seasons. Every season it's a completely new and random theme, which I love because that way LV never gets repetitive.