Lou Doillon


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Mar 9, 2013
I've searched high and low for a thread on this Frenchie (I may have totally missed it, so feel free to delete) who definitely deserves some acknowledgement. This girl is the epitome of cool, maybe attributed to her mama being Jane Birkin, as well as being the half-sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg. She's known as being a singer, model and generally rad lady.

She's obviously not the skinniest lady alive but I love her body, her dress sense is insane and she's got a kid so shes looking damn fine and she's cool and French :cool:





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I don't know much about her except that once I read an article in Vogue (?) at an airport in which she and Charlotte (whose music I really liked) were interviewed together; I don't think they talked much about food but something about it was immensely thinspiring (ugh, I hate that word but it's so convenient), possibly because the glamorous international lifestyle they have is so much more impressive than my shitty American one. :nopity: I don't think Lou is conventionally attractive at all, but something about her overall demeanour definitely is.