Krysten Ritter



I love this actress!! I've read that she's also a model...what do you think? i find her sooo cute :luv: she's a doll!





ooh she's cuuute! in some pics she looks a little like Penelope Cruz, but in other pics she's a cuter, younger, more fun looking version ;-)
Yes! I saw her in "Confessions of a Shopoholic" where she had a supporting part as the Shopoholic's (Isa Fischer) friend. I was really struck by her looks actually, she wasn't super thin or anything, but had a very unique and in my opinion, strikingly beautiful face, (whereas Isa Fischer is just a normal sort of 'hollywood pretty' in my book). Love her :luv:
If you've been in Gilmore Girls, I'll love you forever. Yes, even you, Melissa McCarthy.
I love her... She is stunning and hilarious in bitch in apartment 23.
I think she looks so good! I've always like her characters. But body-wise... I don't think she is skinny enough to be a model..? I'd much like her as an actress anyway, someone with more personality, since she seems like such a fun person to be around!
I first noticed her as the goth receptionist in 27 Dresses and I thought her goth wedding was so cute! Although Katherine Heigl looked awful as a 'goth'.
I just started watching Breaking Bad and I watched Don't Trust the B In Apartment 23 and I absolutely adore Krysten Ritter! Here's a picture of her that I love:
I love her! I first saw her in the movie Vamps and thought she was adorable. I think she has a nice figure too - maybe not quite as skinny as I'd like to be but still thinner than your typical hollywood actress.
seen her on breaking bad, she's so stunning I was surprised that her character could be interested in jesse:lol:
not thin, but I think that body type suits her..
That's because they cancelled it after 26 episodes [*] (there actually were 2 seasons - 7+19)

Forever bitter about Don't Trust the B being cancelled. That show was hilarious. (Same with the underappreciated Happy Endings, which had Eliza Coupe at her skinniest.)