Kristin Cavallari

Apr 20, 2012
I love Kristin's body - she always looks so tiny!


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I don't think she is skinny, but I might be biased because I think she is super mean

Don't stand next to Nicole, just don't



She has had her thin moments though, I think she fluctuates a lot.
Yeah she definitely fluctuates. I don't think she's naturally that skinny in the above pics without a lot of work.

Here's a pregnant picture:

She was not skinny before but sometime last year she lost a lot of weight (before her wedding that was meant to happen but didn't)

Her pregnancy picture and that dress... :luv: She makes pregnancy look good.
I watched Laguna Beach last summer for shits and giggles and she has gotten so much prettier (and skinnier) than back then!
she's stunning now that she's lost so much weight! I love the dress in her pregnancy pic! I hope she'll stick to whatever she did to lose weight after she has her baby too! Wait, is she even still pregnant?
she's stunning now that she's lost so much weight! I love the dress in her pregnancy pic! I hope she'll stick to whatever she did to lose weight after she has her baby too! Wait, is she even still pregnant?
This is her about 6 days ago. I think she's still got a couple of more months.
I have to admit she looks so pretty preggers!!!!

I do like her thinner version over the tv show version but she seems to have a pretty prego glo

Picture from her last few days of pregnancy...really admire how she kept her weight stable and stayed stylish during her last few weeks.
wait she looks really good pregnant like pregnancy goals, I never watched LB or TH so idk if she looked that bad before but I agree at a lower weight/pregnant she looks really good
Kristin was gorgeous when she was pregnant! I have to admit, although I'm usually one for a more toned/fit body, I loved Kristin's body when she was quite thin. I also think she's super pretty, even when she has no make-up on.
her frame seems SO SMALL to me. or her bodyfat is high. something. not my ideal look. its more apparent in her "thin" pictures.

like i can't figure out how she can be that small and yet so unxylophoned and with minimal collarbones. ZERO arm definition. in her skinny pics. is it not working out??? is it dieting with no protein and having muscle wasteage WAYYY before emaciation??? is it ... airbrushing lol? I don't knowwwwww.

i think her "thin" look is about what the female ideal is, almost no muscle definition but small. meh. i mean i respect it, but meh.

i'm crious how long it will take her to lose pregnancy weight.
I'm 25 so I think about having babies one day a lot more lately, and this girl is my new inspiration!!! Have you seen pics of her, two months after birth? Still work to be done but still totally adorable! Apparently she said she's doing 20 mins of cardio and 45 mins of strength training, 3-4 times a week and started 4 weeks after she gave birth. I feel better it's possible to not look like J. Simpson lol

I saw those pictures and she looks so good! Still its a bit unfair to compare her to Jessica Simpson, I mean Kristin clearly took care of her food intake when she was pregnant and Jessica didn't (what a mistake that was!) but I still believe they have different body types. Kristin is amazing though, motherhood suits her.

She has put in WORK to look like this. She isn’t tiny skinny but she has very little body fat and it’s definitely not her natural body type. Diet or exercise or both?
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Sorry I will never think this woman looks good. Maybe it was growing up watching Laguna and the Hills but just can't stand her.
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