Kelly Brook



Following on from my Holly Willoughby thread, Kelly Brook is another one that my ex had THE most major thing for. In 2005 she won FHM's poll of the sexiest women in the world. I do think she has a pretty face for sure (although she's as dumb as a box of rocks. In interviews I have not seen one shred of a personality.) but really? Sexiest woman in the world? What do y'all think?



Sexiest Woman? But just from GB's point of view. ;) We never heard something about here in Germany and I'd say same goes with most other countries. (I just looked it up, we had Eva Padberg her - way better!) She looks big to me and that picture with the cakes is just cheap. Poor you, it may have hurt your feelings your then-bf was into this gross women. :(

Haha that picture belongs in the "pictures to stop you from eating" gross!

After looking at the other pictures, i think there is a lot of photoshop going on in the FHM pictures:

oh my GOD my ex loved her too! and the sad thing is i look quite similar to her! just not the body.....
i can appreciate that some men are into more....flesh....
but come on i think most women in their underwear and that much makeup/lighting/photoshop would look just as good.
personally i like models and celebs with more to them than just the ability to take their clothes off...
Why is she famous? Haha, I have heard her name before but have no idea why. Anyway, I find her face pretty boring (pretty enough, but not special) and her body ... squishy.
Why is she famous?

Mostly for posing in men's magazines!

She had a stint as a judge on a show called "Britain's Got Talent" but was sacked after one week as her personality is as dull as dishwater.
You just know she ate all those buns after too.

"Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies?! You fatty Kelly, you fatty Kelly you ate all the pies!!!"
Do you guys notice this too, how being big makes her look old? I mean, if they took the same girl minus 25 pounds and put her in that bikini and pigtails, it would be cute. As it is, she looks desperate to be a yummy mummy or something. That's kind of mean, but I mean in general, not just her.
The picture of her from behind is scary. Why do her knees go in like that?

I thought something looked weird but couldn't identify it. You are right her knees look wonky. It looks like her knees are buckling under the weight of her hips.
I find her a strange one. On one side, I feel really sorry for her (she's been through quite a hard time in her personal life). On the other, it makes me angry when someone who is already famous uses their name to get jobs and seemingly can't be assed putting in the effort to look good. It's your job. Even if you want to promote a 'curvy' body type, at least be toned if you're going to model.
Wonder how much these are going to be edited.....