Kati Nescher



I just had to do a thread about her... :)

Nationality: German
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Green
Place of birth: Russia
Height : 5'11" ; 180cm
Measurements: (EU) 75-61-88 (source: http://www.vivamodels.fr/)

Interview with nymag:







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she could be freja and arizonas child from the future with those eyebrows and jawline!
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beautiful, she looks delicate but strong at the same time :luv:
She has such a versatile look! A different expression in nearly every picture... amazing.
love these ads! I saw them in this months Harper's Bazaar UK and wondered who the lovely pair was.

It's Daria Strokous & Kati Nescher for Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 Campaign by Steven Meisel ;).
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I love the first picture it is so pretty :luv: and I have seen the Vogue advert too. She looks so delicate
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i love the fact that she's a mum! i would never have guessed.
Kati Nescher.

Born in

Do you have a nickname?
"Not yet."

How did you start modeling?
"I called my manager- just like that!"

A funny experience as a model
"When I came to NY for the second time, at the airport I met the same custom officers as the previous time. And in Milan, my driver cooked for me."

Describe your style
"Very easy chic, with lots of dark colors."

Your fashion tip
"Be yourself."

Who is your icon?
"I don't really have icons, but I love to work for Karl Lagerfeld and Peter Lindberg."

A favourite dress in your wardrobe?
"My black Hervé Leger dress."

What is fashion for you?
"Fashion is like another small planet on Earth: amazing, crazy, different, incredible."

How do you spend your free time?
"I love free time! I spend it reading, sleeping, meeting friends and staying with my son."

Your favorite hobby?
"Sleeping and eating."

Something about your life at home?
"My life at home can be really quiet and lazy or with lots of energy and things to do."

Projects for the future?
"Try to be a good actress."

Your biggest dream
"I can't talk about it now."

What do you keep in your bag?
"Passport, credit card, a small cosmetic bag, a picture of my son and a book."

City/country you wish to visit?
"Mexico, South America, Australia, New Zealand and India."

Do you have a secret?
"Of course, everybody has a secret but… nobody wants to speak about it, it's a secret!"

What do you love the most?
"My little boy, of course."

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she has a really unique look and love her cheekbones.
I don´t know I somehow admire models always with high cheekbones. Can´t get enough of them. Makes them look so "supernatural"