Kate Mara


Nov 4, 2012
I couldn't find a Kate Mara thread, so I've decided to make one!

Basically, she's the older sister of my beloved Rooney Mara. She has the same body pretty much, although her legs are a bit less stubby. She is also more likable in interviews and whatnot. She's in House of Cards, she was on American Horror Story, she was in Shooter, she's in that new movie Transcendence, and she is going to be in the new Fantastic Four movie.

To me, she is one of those girls that would be *perfect* if she lost a bit of weight. She is in pretty good shape though; she is vegan and gluten-free.

Also, she is 5'3" I think. Probably 110 lbs?






She, like Rooney, has that body type where her waist is quite small, but her limbs are thicker...


And with her new blond hair she looks like she should be an Olsen sister or something.

Anyway, what are your opinions?
I think she's cute... she's a bit mousey, which isn't my favorite look.

I'd say she's more like 115-120. She's no Rooney. I like her as an actress, though - she was great in American Horror Story.

She'd be golden if she was below 100, especially at that height.
Correction: she was in House of Cards.

Also, unfortunately I can't find a picture of it but in the season 2 premiere there's a scene of her in the shower. Her bum is huge, like I don't even know how it can be like that, it seemed to break laws of physics.
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