Karoline Bjornelykke - New Face


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Jan 26, 2012
From Norway & just signed with Women Management

Her profile:

http://www.womenmanagement.fr/Models/0-1624/KAROLINE BJORNELYKKE.html



Photographed by Steffen Oftedal for Natt & Dag, May 2012



Backstage at Chanel Haute Couture 2012

Streetstyle: CHANEL - Fashion Week Paris Haute Couture AW 13

:lol: I assume she is going to flourish in the fashion world pretty quickly.

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Lovely :luv: Especially her hair&skin amaze me.
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I have a weakness for redheads :).

Thanks for posting @Serene! :kiss:



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Wow. She has incredibly long, thin legs, and narrow hips that give her body so much length in photos.

I love the eye makeup though:


Yeah she does seem very professional but I do find her look very dull.

My favorite from the NATT&DAG editorial, by Steffen Oftedal. Love her collarbones in this. I remember swooning over her in this editorial when the paper came out, and I am so glad she's gaining popularity.

(How to you tag someone? Can't seem to get it right...)
She totally seems like someone from lookbook, not sure why!

Her face is pretty plain, but maybe in a good way? As in, from campaign to campaign, she can change her look so much. And she certainly seems like she knows what she's doing.
She is so lovely :luv: For some reason she reminds me of a model version of Jessica from True Blood.

Also her last name made me chuckle. It lit means Bear Happiness :grin:
Not that she's relevant or anything but I keep seeing her social media every now and then. And I've been wondering:

According to my findings, she went from 80/61/85 to 91/68/100. And she proudly claims to have gained 20 Kg. She exposed plus size modelling industry by talking about wearing fat suits and so on. But there are bikini pics, and there's agencies that mention her stats. How would she manage to change from a very rectangular body to a very rounded hourglass?

Her new social media thing seems to be honesty and exposing the little and big lies in fashion industry. However I feel like she's not being honest herself. One thing I keep seeing is exaggerations of those "weight gain" accounts: They love to take their driest, no water retention weight that they held for 2 days as their lowest, and then some of them use their evening post meal, fully clothed weight in comparison, claiming they gained 20 Kg when it's really just 15. She does look big though. The other thing is that proportions usually don't change like that without plastic surgery. Does anyone know what she's hiding?
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